IAS Exams Online Test 2020-2021 - 1

Question: 1

Who among the following were the leaders were the leaders of the Indigo Revolt?

(A) Birsa Munda and Gaya Munda

(B) Dinbandhu Mitra and Madhusudan Dutt

(C) Budhu Bhagat and Jhindari Manki

(D) Digambar Biswas and Bishnu Biswas

Ans: D

Digambar Biswas and Bishnu Biswas

Question: 2

Birsa Munda was in favour of

(A) Munda Raj

(B) Chattisgarh

(C) Uttarakhand

(D) Jharkhand

Ans: A

Munda Raj

Question: 3

Who were the leaders associated with the Santhal Rebellion of 1855-56?

(A) Dora and Chakara

(B) Chakara and Bogra

(C) Siddhu and Chakara

(D) Siddhu and Kanhu

Ans: D

Siddhu and Kanhu

Question: 4

Mundas rose revolt in

(A) 1885

(B) 1888

(C) 1890

(D) 1899

Ans: D


Question: 5

Which British Commander was defeated by the Santhals in 1855?

(A) Captain Nek Feville

(B) LT. Bastain

(C) Major Burrough

(D) Colonel white

Ans: C

Major Burrough

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