100+ Physics Important Question for Air Force - 1

Question: 1

What is the cause of green house effect?

Burning of fossil fuels and deforestation increases the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the reason for green house effect.

Question: 2

Write two harmful effects of air pollution?

Polluted air in unsafe to breathe. It causes disease like lung, cancer, bronchitis and allergies.

Carbon monoxide in the polluted air is a poisonous gas and affects haemoglobin of our blood and may cause even death.

Question: 3

Define nitrogen cycle?

Nitrogen of the atmosphere is fixed in the soil by nitrogen fixation as soluble nitrates.

These nitrates are absorbed by plants and are used by them for the production of proteins and other nitrogenous compounds.

When animals eat the plants, these compounds are transferred to animals.

When plants and animals die, the bacteria in the soil break them and release the nitrogen back to atmosphere.

Thus this cyclic process continues in the nature.

This is known as Nitrogen cycle.

Question: 4

What is biological fixation of nitrogen?

Root nodules of leguminous plants have nitrogen fixing bacteria called rhizobium.

These bacteria fix atmospheric nitrogen into soluble nitrogen compounds which are used by plants.

Blue green algae, which are formed in paddy fields also do nitrogen fixation.

Question: 5

What is global warming?

Because of the green house effect, the average temperature of the earth increases. This is called Global warming.

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