Importance of First Aid in Road Safety - 1

Question: 1

What is meant by first aid?

First aid is the immediate and temporary relief given to the victim of an accident or sudden illness until the services of a doctor are called for.

The primary objective of first aid is to save the life.

Question: 2

Mention the traffic rule regarding the use of horns?

Drivers of vehicles should not use the sound of horn needlessly or continously or more than necessary to ensure safety.

Drivers should avoid sounding of the horn in silence zones.

Question: 3

What is the impact of accidents?

Accidents have a large impact on the life, health and financial aspects of the persons involved.

Question: 4

Explain the signifcance of safety?

Safety precautions to avert accidents should be a part of our daily habitat.

An understanding of various factors influencing different types of accidents will help us to adjust ourselves to avert such accidents.

Question: 5

What are the various types of safety?

Home safety, school safety, safety in laboratory, safety in sports, safety inboarding a public transport and driving safety are the various types of safety.

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