Basic Physics Quiz - 1

Question: 1

Boyle’s law is applicable at

(A) Constant pressure but variable temperature 

(B) Constant temperature

(C) Constant temperature and pressure

(D) Constant pressure

Ans: B

Constant temperature

Question: 2

The tape of a tape recorder is coated with

(A) Zinc oxide

(B) Copper sulphate

(C) Ferromagnetic powder 

(D) Mica

Ans: C

Ferromagnetic powder 

Question: 3

In human body, the leg bones are

(A) Fibula and Ulna

(B) Humerus and Femur

(C) Fibula and Tibia 

(D) Tibia and Radius

Ans: C

Fibula and Tibia 

Question: 4

Which one of the following animals stores water in intestine?

(A) Camel

(B) Moloch

(C) Uromastix 

(D) Zebra

Ans: A


Question: 5

Which among the following is a positively charged particle emitted by a radioactive element?

(A) Alpha ray

(B) Beta ray

(C) Cathode ray

(D) Gamma ray

Ans: A

Alpha ray

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