Gk Questions on Branches of Science and their Definitions - 1

Electrometer It measures electricity
Electroscope It detects presence of an electric charge
Endoscope It examines internal parts of the body
Fathometer It measures the depth of the ocean
Galvanometer It measures the electric current of low magnitude
Hydrometer It measures the specific gravity of liquids
Hydrophone It measures sound under water
Kymograph It graphically records physiological movements(Blood Pressure and heart beat)
Lactometer It determines the purity of milk
Manometer It measures the Pressure of gases
Mariner’s compass It is an instrument used by the sailors to determine the direction.
Microphone It converts the sound waves into electrical vibrations and to magnify the sound.
Radiometer It measures the emission of radiant energy
Rain Gauge An apparatus for recording rainfall at a particular place.
Radar It is used for detecting the direction and range of an approaching plane by means of radio microwaves.
Pyrometer It measures very high temperature
Potentiometer It is used for comparing electromotive force of cells.
Periscope It is used to view objects above sea level (used in sub marines)
Photometer The instrument compares the luminous intensity of the source of light.
Phonograph An instrument for producing sound
Odometer An instrument by which the distance covered by wheeled vehicles is measured.
Microscope It is used to obtain magnified view of small objects.

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