100+ Gk Questions on Transport and Services - 1

Question: 1

Tell about water transport?

Sea Transport is an important service among the water transports of the state.

Commodity and people are transported through the ports of Chennai, Nagapattinam and Thoothukudi and these are considered as important ports.

Question: 2

Write an essay on the different classes of roads?

Road transport – Road transport in Tamilnadu connects all the big villages with one another. The roads of the state may be classified as the National Highways, State Highways, District roads, Rural roads and Taluk roads.

The National Highways connect the state while the district roads connect important towns in the state. Roads are being laid connecting the villages and towns under the Integrated Road Development project.

The traffic jams are prevented by the construction of flyovers. Both the Government Transport Corporations and Private Transport Corporations operate road transport efficiently.

And because of the automobile industrial development in the country, the two wheelers, motor bikes and scooters, three wheelers auto rickshaws and four wheeler cars have increased in numbers.

Question: 3

Mention some important services?

Some important services are

(i) Education

(ii) Banking service

(iii) Medical service

(iv) Transport service

(v) Information and communication services and

(vi) Recreational services.

Question: 4

Write about air transport?

The internal and international airlines operate national as well as international air transport through the airport at Chennai. There are internal flights to places such as Tiruchirappalli, Coimbatore and Madurai. The one reason for the slow growth of air transport in Tamilnadu is primarily due to the expensive seats in the planes.

Question: 5

What are the basic needs of human life?

Food, shelter and dress are the basic needs of human life.

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