Computer Terminology Abbreviations Pdf - 1

Abbreviation Stands For
RTP Real Time Transport Protocol
RTOS Real Time Operating System
RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol
RTS Ready To Send
RPG Report Program Generator
ROM Read Only Memory
RIP Routing Information Protocol
RIP Raster Image Processor
RGB Red, Green, Blue
RGBA Red, Green, Blue, Alpha
RSS Radio Service Software, Really Simple Syndication
RTAI Real Time Application Interface
RTC Real Time Clock
RTL Right to Left
Saas Software as a Service
SAN Storage Area Network
SAX Simple API for XML
SBP-2 Serial Bus Protocol 2
SDK Software Development Kit
SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SWT Standard Widget Toolkit
SWF Shock Wave Flash
SSD Software Specification Document
SRAM Static Random Access Document
SQL Structured Programming Language
SSD Solid State Drive
SSL Secure Socket Layer
SVD Structured VLSI Design
SDN Service Delivery Network
SDR Software Defined Radio
SD Secure Digital
SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol
SCSI Small Computer System Interface
SCID Source Code in Database
SCM Software Configuration Management
SBU Standard Build Unit
SCP Secure Copy
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer protocol
SOA Service Oriented Architecture
SMS System Management Server
SMS Short Message Service
SOE Standard Operating Environment
SP Service Pack
SMP Symmetric Multi processing
SMB Server Message Block
SPM Software Project Management
SEO Search Engine Optimization
SDSL Symmetric DSL
SMBIOS System Management BIOS
TTF True Type Font
TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic
TTL Time To Live
TTS Text To Speech
TTY Teletype
TRON Trace On
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TCU Telecommunication Control Unit
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TCL Tool Command Language

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