100+ Volcanoes, Mountains, Earthquakes, Plateau Gk Quiz Questions - 1

Question: 1

Describe the benefits of a volcanoes?

Many volcanic materials have important industrial and chemical uses.

Rock formed form lava is commonly used in building roads.

Purnice, a natural glass that comes from lava is widely used for grinding and polishing stones, metals and other materials.

Sulphur deposits from volcanoes are used in making chemicals.

Weathered volcanic ash greatly improves soil fertility.

Question: 2

Name the countries where the geothermal energy is used?

The Geothermal energy is used to produce electricity in countries such as Italy, Mexico, New Zealand and USA.

Question: 3

Give the importance of volcanoes?

Volcanoes serve as windows to the earth’s interior. The materials they erupt help scientists to learn about conditions within the earth.

Question: 4

Write a short note on lava plateau?

Lava plateaus are the spectacular features associated with lava flow. Plateaus develop in many ways and occur in a variety of geological settings. They are built by accumulation of basalt released by volcanic activity. Typical examples of these plateaus can be seen in Ethiopia, Somalia, the Western USA, the Panama Basin Iceland and the Deccan Plateau of India.

Question: 5

What is geothermal gradient?

The temperatures get higher as they descend to greater depths. It averages between 20° to 30°C per kilometer in the upper crust. This gradual increase in temperature with depth is known as the geothermal gradient.

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