World Economy Quiz Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Full form of BCCI is

(A) Bank of Central Cooperation International

(B) Bank of Credit and Commerce International

(C) Bank of Commerce and Cooperative International

(D) None of these

Ans: B

Bank of Credit and Commerce International

Question: 2

The Headquarters of United Nations Industrial Development Organisation is at

(A) Vienna

(B) Rome

(C) Geneva

(D) Washington D.C

Ans: A


Question: 3

GATT headquarters is located at

(A) Hague

(B) Washington

(C) Paris

(D) Geneva

Ans: D


Question: 4

The Asian Development Bank has its headquarters in

(A) Tokyo

(B) Kuala Lumpur

(C) Manila

(D) Colombo

Ans: C


Question: 5

The Headquarters of World Bank are in

(A) Washington D.C

(B) New York

(C) Paris

(D) Geneva

Ans: A

Washington D.C

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