Zoology Quiz Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

The physical basis of life is

(A) Protoplasm

(B) Cell

(C) Food

(D) Nucleus

Ans: B


Question: 2

Which are necessary for the formation of bones and teeth?

(A) Calcium and phosphorous

(B) Sodium and potassium

(C) Calcium and magnesium

(D) Calcium and sodium

Ans: A

Calcium and phosphorous

Question: 3

In man, average weight of heart is

(A) About 310 grams

(B) About 320 grams

(C) About 330 grams

(D) About 340 grams

Ans: A

About 310 grams

Question: 4

The tubular structures of the kidney are called

(A) Bowman’s capsule

(B) Nephrons

(C) Malpighian tubules

(D) Nephrons

Ans: C

Malpighian tubules

Question: 5

Of the following which one is a poisonous snake?

(A) Eryx Johni

(B) Rat snake

(C) Green snake

(D) Sea snake

Ans: B

Rat snake

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