Top 51+ Advanced Ado.Net Interview Questions Pdf 2020-2021 - 1

Question: 1

List some of the Connection classes in ADO.NET?

There are multiple connection classes in ADO.NET each specific to a data provider. These include


Oracle Connection,



Question: 2

What is called command object?

The command object creation is the second step in the ADO.NET connected model.

It is used to submit a query or action command to a data source.

Question: 3

What are the two ways to use the stored procedure?

Calling a stored procedure that returns nothing.

Calling a stored procedure that returns output parameters.

Question: 4

What are the two flavors of the Data binding?

  1. Simple Binding- Controls that contain one value, such as label or Textbox.
  2. Complex Binding- Controls populated with rows of data, such as a List box, Data Grid or Data Grid View require complex binding.

Question: 5

Write about the execute Xml Reader?

This method executes the command and returns an Xml Reader object to the caller. SQL Server permits a SQL select statement to be extended with a FOR XML clause.

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