1000+ Advanced C Programming Interview Questions & Answers - 1

Question: 1

What are the types of C constants?

Numeric data is primarily made up of numbers and can include decimal points. Non-numeric data may be composed of numbers, letters, blanks and any special characters supported by the system. In other words, non numeric data consists of alphanumeric characters.

A non numeric data can be called as a literal. Numeric constants are of three types

1. Integer constant

2. Floating point constant

3. Character constant

Question: 2

Define character constant?

A character constant is a letter, numeral or special symbol, which can be handled by the computer system. These available symbols define the system’s character set. Enclosing a single character from the system’s character set within single quotation marks from a character constant.

Question: 3

What is actual parameters?

Actual parameters are the parameters defined in the calling function and they have the actual values to be passed to the called function.

Question: 4

What is global variable?

Global variable are declared before the main() function. They can be accessed and modified by all the functions in the program.

Question: 5

What are the basic elements of C?

The C language is composed of the basic elements.




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