Core Java J2EE Interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Are J2EE applications portable and scalable?

J2EE applications proved the right to be called portable, because of the platform independence of Java.

J2EE applications can be developed at home and deployed to a multiprocessor server cluster.

Object oriented approach for application design makes application scalable and easy maintaining.

Question: 2

How do we package J2EE component?

J2EE components are packaged separately and bundled into a J2EE application for deployment. Each component, its related files such as GIF and HTML files or server side utility classes, and a deployment descriptor are assembled into a module and added to the J2EE application.

A J2EE application is composed of one or more enterprise bean, Web, or application client component modules.

The final enterprise solution can use one J2EE or be made up of two or more J2EE applications, depending on design requirements.

A J2EE application and each of its module has its own deployment descriptor.

A deployment is an XML document with an .xml extension that describes a component’s deployment settings.

Question: 3

What is application client?

A first tier J2EE client component that executes in its own Java virtual machine. Application clients have access to some J2EE platform APIs.

Question: 4

What is deployment?

The process whereby software is installed into an operational environment.

Question: 5

What is deployment descriptor?

An XML file provided with each module and J2EE application that describes how they should be deployed.

The deployment descriptor directs a deployment tool to deploy a module or application with specific container options and describes specific configuration requirements that a deployer must resolve.

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