.Net Framework Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Define activation?

Activation is a process of initializing a remotable object before its instantiation.

Question: 2

List the activation modes in which you can create a remote object?

The following are the two different activation modes in which you can create a remote object:

Server Activation

Client Activation

Question: 3

What are context-bound objects?

The context –bound objects are further refinement of marshal-by-reference objects.

These objects restrict instances of their objects to remain within a specific context.

Objects external to the containing context cannot directly access these objects, even if the other objects are within the same application domain.

Question: 4

Do marshal-by-value objects require an activation process?

Marshal-by-value objects do not require any activation process because they are copied using the serialization process and activated using deserialization.

Question: 5

How is the lease of an object defined?

To define the lease of an object, implement the ILease interface while writing the class code.

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