200+ VB.Net Interview Questions - 1

Question: 1

Explain the three services model commonly know as a three-tier application?

Presentation (UI),

Business (logic and underlying code) and

Data (from storage or other sources).

Question: 2

What is the .Net collection class that allows an element to be accessed using a unique key?


Question: 3

What are the possible implementations of distributed applications in .NET?

.NET remoting and ASP.NET Web Services. If we talk about the Framework Class Library, noteworthy classes are in system.runtime.remoting and system.web.services.

Question: 4

Explain what relationship is between a process, application domain and application?

A process is an instance of a running application.

An application is an executable on the hard drive or network.

There can be numerous processes launched of the same application (5 copies of word running), but 1 process can run just 1 application.

Question: 5

What security measures exist for .NET Remoting in System.Runtime.Remoting?

None. Security should be take care of at the application level. Cryptography and other security techniques can be applied at application or server level.

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