Top 200+ Advanced Asp.Net Interview Questions 2020-2021 - 1

Question: 1

Difference between ASP Session and ASP.NET Session? session supports cookie less session and it can span across multiple servers.

Question: 2

What is the difference between server.transfer and response.redirect?

Transfer, transfers the control of a web page, posting a form data, while Response.Redirect simply redirects a page to another page, it can not post a form data to another page.

Server.Transfer is more efficient over the Response.Redirect, because Response.Redirect causes a round trip to server as the page is processed once again on the client and a request is made to server there after.

Question: 3

What is ViewState?

ViewState is a .Net mechanism to store the posted data among post backs.

ViewState allows the state of objects to be stored in a hidden field on the page, saved on client side and transported back to server whenever required.

Question: 4

What is the lifespan for items stored in ViewState?

Items stored in a ViewState exist for the life of the current page, including the post backs on the same page.

Question: 5

What is cookie less session?

By default, ASP.NET will store the session state in the same process that processes the request, just as ASP does. If cookies are not available, a session can be tracked by adding a session identifier to the URL. This can be enabled by setting the following:


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