1000+ Basic Linux, Unix Interview Questions Pdf - 1

Question: 1

How will you close the worksheet?

To close the worksheet, one has to go to File menu and select the Close option.

Question: 2

What are the different types of operators available in StarOffice Calc?

Arithmetic Operators

Comparative Operators

Text Operators

Reference Operators

Question: 3

How will you save the worksheet created?

To save the worksheet created, one has to go the File menu and select the Save or the Save As option. A screen will appear, type in a Filename and click on Save.

Question: 4

Name the different types of cell referencing?

There are two types of cell addressing, they are Absolute and Relative Cell addressing

Question: 5

List some of the drawings that are possible with the help of Drawing Functions toolbar?


Straight line


Square and


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