Computer Objective Questions with Answers Pdf   - 1

Question: 1

Define Bit, Nibble, Byte and Kilobyte?

A Bit is a Binary Digit, either 0 or 1.

A Nibble is a combination of four bits.

A Byte is a sequence of 8 bits or 2 nibbles.

A Kilobyte comprises the 1024 bytes.

Question: 2

Specify the Electronic components used for different computer generations?

Generation                     Electronic components

First generation                 Vaccum tubes

Second generation             Transistors

Third generation                 Integrated Circuits

Fourth generation               Microprocessors

Fifth generation                  Artificial Intelligence



Question: 3

Define multiprocessing?

Multiprocessing is the process of executing a single job by using multiple CPU’s.

Question: 4

What are the types of number system?

There are basically two types of number system available.

  • Positional Number System
  • Non Positional Number System

Question: 5

What is meant by conversion in number system?

Conversion is the process of converting one number system to another and vice versa.

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