Data Structure and Algorithms in Java Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What is a syntax error?

It is an error caused by the violation of the rules governing the structure of the programming languages being used.

Question: 2

What is poly-phase merge?

It is a merge technique that uses a constant number of input devices and recycles each output device as an input device in the next phase of a pass.

Question: 3

What is a NULL pointer assignment?

It is a situation that happens when a pointer points to address 0, which is called NULL. For example, it may happen that if the pointer variable is declared as global, since global variables are initialized to 0. Likewise, this can also happen for a local un-initialized pointer variable, particularly for local static variables, they are also initialized to 0. When it happens, and the pointer is used on the left-hand side of an assignment operator, the system generates a message Null pointer assignment.

Question: 4

What is a cycle?

A cycle is a simple path the initial vertex and terminal vertex are same.

Question: 5

What is meant by row-major order?

It is an array linearization technique that stores all the elements from one row, before storing any elements from the next row. Subscripts are varied right-left, i.e., the right-most subscript is varied fastest.

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