1000+ OS Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers - 1

Question: 1

Who will access the computer hardware directly?

Operating system will access the computer directly. The operating system provides so many facilities with which a user comfortably uses their computers. The average user wants to have a simple high level abstraction to deal with.

Question: 2

What is an operating system?

The operating system acts as the manager of resources such as CPU time, memory space, file storage, I/O devices. Operating system allocates resources in an optimal manner. It allocates resources in such a manner so as to achieve the maximum best possible result.

Question: 3

Explain the different roles taken by the OS?

The desirable characters of the operating system are

a. User interface

b. Memory management

c. Process management

d. File management

e. Networking Capabilities management

f. Security management

g. Fault tolerance

h. Application base

i. Distributed operating system

Question: 4

What is system call?

A set of extended instructions providing an interface between the operating system and the user programs is called a system call.

The operating system will then generate suitable input/output command to the hardware to replace this system call.

Question: 5

What is data security?

A single user may try to write in some sector, which may contain variable information. In order to avoid such as awkward situation, only the operating system is empowered to make such an allocation or de-allocation. This arrangement safeguards the loss of data. Such safeguarding of data is called Data security.

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