1000+ Information System Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Explain URL?

Every web page has a unique address called the Uniform Resource Locator or URL. The URL locates the pages on the Internet.

Question: 2

Explain WAN?

A WAN is typically two or more LANs connected together across a wide geographical area. The individual LANs separated by large distances may be connected by dedicated links, fiber optic cables or satellite links.

Question: 3

What is mailing list?

E-mail based discussion groups combining E-mail, news groups and mailing lists send messages on a particular subject. Automatically messages reach the mailbox of that group.

Question: 4

What is network topology?

The Network topology is the structure or layout of the communication channels that connects the various computers on the network. Each computer in the network is called a node.

Question: 5

What is OSI?

The International Standards Organization proposed protocol known as Open System Interconnection (OSI).
The OSI provides a network architecture with seven layers.

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