70+ Advanced Embedded Linux Unix Administrator Questions 2019 - 1

Question: 1

What are shell scripts?

A shell script is a text file that contains Linux commands. Shell scripts allow input/output operations and manipulation of variables.

Question: 2

Give the syntax of mount command?

The syntax for the mount command is as follows:

# mount device destination.

The “destination” is the directory on our main directory tree where we want the files on the storage device to be attached. The “device” is a special device file that connects our system to the hardware device.

Question: 3

What is Password?

Password is a secret code. Linux system will not display the password. The system compares the Login name and the password with the system files.

Question: 4

What is logout?

Entering exit or logout at the command prompt will end our current Linux session then the system displays the Login prompt on the screen for other users.

Question: 5

Who is a Group owner?

A group of people who work on a single project should share their files for efficiency. The files are created in the group leader’s/home directory. All the members of the group share their files. This group of people is called group users. A group of users is also given a name, just as a user is given a name.

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