Senior Oracle Linux Administrator Interview Questions - 1

Question: 1

Define file name?

The filename may have a primary and a secondary name. The name before the period is called the primary name. The name after the period is called the secondary name or extension. The extension is used to classify the files.

Question: 2

What is logging in linux?

A user normally works at a user terminal. We have to establish connection to the Linux system, the system after showing some information; will show Login prompt which is the location where we enter our user name. Entering into the environment is called Logging in.

Question: 3

Define tree structure?

If we stand on our head and watch a tree (without trunk), the root of the tree is at the top then comes branches will give rise to other branches and ends up with leaves. The leaf represents the file, the branches represent directories or sub directories and the root is the root directory. The root directory has been further sub- divided into directories such as bin, boot, home, usr, etc, lib, dev, tmp. User directories are created under the home directory.

Question: 4

What is mounting?

Establishing the connection between a file system on a storage device and your main directory tree is called mounting the device. This is done with the mount command.

Question: 5

What is the command to change directory?

  • The cd (change directory) command changes the current directory to the specified directory.
  • For example, the current user Ilamathi wants to switch over from her home directory is to cd/usr/bin.

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