1000+ Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What is performance testing?

Performance testing is used to test the response time of the system for different user loads. Under the performance testing umbrella, various types of testing can be conducted.

Load testing : To determine the scalability of the application under real world scenarios.

Stress testing : To determine the breaking point of the server.

Volume testing : To test the performance of the application at high volumes of data.

Endurance Test/Soak Test : To determine the stability of the application by executing the load test for an extended period of time and finding out the memory bottlenecks.

Spike test: To determine the impact on the application of a sudden increase/spike in load during abnormal conditions.

Question: 2

What is integration testing?

Integration testing is conducted to test whether the data flow between two or more entities is happening properly.

Question: 3

What is a Desk Check?

This is an informal review where a colleague comes to the desk/computer of the author and quickly goes through the work product along with the author and also shares comments while going through it.

Question: 4

What will you do with SRS?

SRS stands for Software Requirements Specification. SRS is used to understand the proper functionality from business and functional point of view.

Question: 5

What are the different sections presented in SRS?




User Characteristics

Software requirements

Hardware requirements

Performance Requirements

Security and Reliability Requirements

Use cases

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