Multimedia Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What is Real Audio Format?

The Real Audio Format was developed by Real Networks in 1995 and supports both sound and videos.

This format is more popular for transfer of data over the internet and allows one to stream files even over internet connections with low bandwidths.

However, the quality of these transmissions is often poor.

Question: 2

What is SND format?

The Sound or SND format was also developed by Apple.

Like the AIFF format, the SND files neither cross-platform nor Supported by popular web browsers. Files in the SND format have the extension.snd.

Question: 3

What is shock wave format?

The Shockwave format was developed by Macromedia and is used to store multimedia components created using flash.

This format requires an extra component to play.

The additional component comes preinstalled with the latest versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Files in the Shock wave format have the extension.swf.

Question: 4

What is lossy compression?

The lossy compression algorithm takes advantage of the limitations of the human visual senses and discards information that would not be sensed by the eye.

The loss of information is tolerable, and in many cases goes unnoticed. JPG is a lossy compression of the image.

Question: 5

What is Windows Media format?

The Windows Media format was developed by Microsoft.

It is also one of the very popular formats on the Internet and on computers with the Windows operating system.

It should be noted that this format requires the installation of an additional component in non- windows computers.

Files in the Windows Media format have the extension.wmv

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