Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers - 1

Question: 1

Explain materialized views?

Materialized views are called snapshot.

They represent a state of data at a specific point to time.

These are generally used in warehouse application to avoid commonly used data analysis by storing analyzed data. Unlike normal views, they actually store data and need to be refreshed.

Question: 2

What is the use of dynamic SQL?

Dynamic SQL is an enhanced form of Structured Query Language (SQL) that is used to build SQL statement at runtime.

It is used when you do not know all parts of the SQL while writing the SQL.

Question: 3

What is a cursor?

Cursor is a handle or pointer to memory context area allocated for the execution of SQL statement.

Question: 4

What is Analytical function?

Analytical functions are used to perform data analysis for different subsets of a data set.

This is achieved through partition clause.

There are different types of analytical functions available in Oracle, which are given as follows.

Ranking functions, such as rank, dense_rank, row_number, ntile, percent_rank and cume_dist.

Windows functions, such as sum, max and avg.


Question: 5

What is conditional compilation?

Conditional compilation allows you to compile code conditionally based on compiler directives.

It is helpful when you need to have different code based on certain conditions.

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