Advanced Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What is oracle streams?

The oracle streams product from Oracle Corporation encourages users of Oracle databases to propagate information within and between databases.

It provides tools to capture, process (stage), and manage database events through Advanced Queuing Queues

Question: 2

What is streams pool in Oracle 10g?

Streams pool is a part of System Global Area (SGA) from which memory for Streams is allocated if it is configured. It can be configured by specifying initialization parameter, STREAMS_POOL_SIZE.

If the size of the Streams pool is greater than zero, then any SGA memory used by Stream is allocate from the Streams pool.

If the size of the Stream pool is equal to zero, then the memory used by Streams is allocated from the shared pool that may use up to 10% of the shared pool.

Question: 3

What is database change notification?

Database Change Notification is a service that is used to notify the registered clients whenever a change is committed.

Question: 4

List some important streams views?

Following are some important Streams views:




Question: 5

What is downstream capture?

Generally, capture process functions at source database.

However, if you want to save resources at the source database, you can set up another database for the capture process only.

The feature which allows you to move capture process to another database is called downstream capture.

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