Oracle DBA Structure Interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What is database buffer cache advisor?

Database buffer cache advisor is one of the many advisors, which advise the database administrator about the optimum size of the database buffer.

The buffer cache is part of the memory that holds copies of data blocks for queries and Data Manipulation Language (DML) operations.

Question: 2

What are the advantages of using locally managed tablespace?

Following are the major advantages of locally managed tablespace.

Reduced contention on data dictionary tables

No rollback generated

No coalescing required

Reduced recursive space management

Question: 3

What is PCTFREE?

PCTFREE is used to determine the portion of a block that should be left un-used for future updates.

Question: 4

Define the redo log group and the redo log member?

Redo log group is a set of identical redo log files.

Each log file in the group is referred to as a redo log member.

A database needs to maintain at least two redo log groups.

Question: 5

Can you recover a control file?

No, A backup of control file generates a script to create a new control file.

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