Java J2EE Interview Questions for Senior Developers 2020-2021 - 1

Question: 1

What is registry?

An infrastructure that enables the building, deployment and discovery of Web services. It is a neutral third party that facilitates dynamic and loosely coupled business to business (B2B) interactions.

Question: 2

What is connector?

A standard extension mechanism for containers that provides connectivity to enterprise information systems. A connector is specific to an enterprise information system and consists of a resource adapter and application development tools for enterprise information system connectivity. The resource adapter is plugged in to a container through its support for system level contracts defined in the Connector architecture.

Question: 3

What is conversational state?

The field value of a session bean plus the transitive closure of the objects reachable from the bean’s fields. The transitive of a bean is defined of the in terms of the serialization protocol for the Java programming language, that is, the fields that would be stored by serializing the bean instance.

Question: 4

What is privilege?

A security attribute that does not have the property of uniqueness and that can be shared by many principals.

Question: 5

What is Query string?

A component of an HTTP request URL that contains a set of parameters and values that affect the handling of the request.

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