1000+ Scenario Based Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What is Installation Testing?

Installation Testing is used to test whether the installation, uninstallation, reinstallation, and upgradation of the product is happening properly.

It is very important to make sure that customer does not have any trouble in installing the software since it is the first interaction of customer with our product.

Question: 2

What is the difference between smoke testing and sanity testing?

There is a difference in the opinion among testing teams related to Smoke and Sanity. Few considers smoke is breadth wise testing and Sanity is depth wise testing. I mean smoke testing tests all the functionalities of the build at surface level where as Sanity focuses on deep testing of a given functionality. Others consider sanity is an alternative term for smoke testing.

In our organization we only use the terminology called smoke testing for build verification before proceeding for detail functional testing.

Question: 3

What is a Wireframe?

A diagram which simulates the feel of the actual screen.

Question: 4

What is difference between white box and black box testing?

White box tests the application from the code point of view and black box tests the application from the functionality point of view.

Question: 5

What is a Service Pack?

Service Pack Contains code changes of all the patches released before this services pack. Service Pack is also called as Maintenance Update. This is released for easy maintenance of software. Usually a service pack is released once in six months.

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