Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheet Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Name the first electronic spreadsheet. What is its use?

The visible calculator (VisiCalc) was the first electronic spreadsheet. This powerful computational tool could save time, help avoid endless ad brain – arithmetic numbering and eliminate mathematical errors.

Question: 2

What is the use of electronic spreadsheet?

Electronic spreadsheets can be used for presenting the worksheet data in an impressive manner such as bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, three dimensional charts and other visual forms.

Question: 3

Name a few applications that are possible using electronic spreadsheets?

There are numerous applications possible using electronic spreadsheets. A few of the common applications are given below

1. Payment of bills

2. Income tax calculations

3. Invoices or bills

4. Accounts statements

5. Inventory control

6. Cost benefit analysis

7. Financial accounting

8. Tender evaluation

9. Result analysis of students

Question: 4

Name a few spreadsheet programs?

The few popular spreadsheet programs are

1. MS-Exel

2. Lotus 1-2-3

3. StarOffice Calc and

4. QuattroPro

Question: 5

How will you open an existing worksheet?

To open a worksheet that has been saved, select the Open option from the File menu. A dialog box with a list of files appears on the screen. Select the file that we want by clicking on it and then click an Open. One can also click on the Open File icon on the standard toolbar to open an existing file.

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