Complex SQL Interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What is a linked server?

Linked Servers is a concept in SQL Server by which we can add other SQL Server to a Group and query both the SQL Server dbs using T-SQL Statements.

Question: 2

Can you explain the types of Joins that we can have with Sql server?

There are three types of joins:

Inner Join,

Outer Join,

Cross Join

Question: 3

Which stored procedure will you be running to add a linked server?

Sp_addlinkedserver, sp_addlinkedsrvlogin

Question: 4

What are the authentication modes in SQL Server?

Windows mode and mixed mode (SQL & Windows).

Question: 5

Where do you think the users names and passwords will be stored in SQL server?

They get stored in master db in the sysxlogins table.

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