1000+ Web Designing Interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What are the two parts of a Web document?

Heading section and Body section are the two parts of a web document.

Question: 2

Differentiate between www and net?

The World Wide Web is a collection of documents. We can find documents on the World Wide Web. We can find computers on the net.

The connections are cables between computers on the net. The connections are hypertext links on the web.

Question: 3

What are the three kinds of lists in HTML?

There are three kinds of lists in HTML.

Unordered lists <ul> …..</ul>

Ordered list <ol> …</ol>

Definition lists <dl>…</dl>

Question: 4

Explain the term Internet?

Internet is a network of networks. It has no central control. All the nodes in the network are equal in status to all other nodes. Each node has the authority to originate pass and receive messages.

Question: 5

What do you mean by meta tags?

Meta tags are tags used to provide additional information about the page that is not visible in the browser. It can be used to identify the author’s name of the web documents and to identify the keywords that describe the site. It is also used to refresh or redirect to other sites.

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