1000+ Windows Explorer Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What are the special features available in Windows XP Professional alone?

The following characteristics strictly belong to Windows XP Professional.

1. Backup and Automated System Recovery (ASR)

2. Offline file

s 3. Remote desktop

4. Protected memory management

5. System file protection

6. System restore

7. Device driver rollback

8. Compatibility with Windows 9x Applications

Question: 2

What is remote desktop?

Remote desktop allows us to allow the Desktop of the computer connected remotely as if we are accessing the Desktop of our own computer. If we need to connect to our computer remotely via Remote Desktop Connection, we need Windows XP Professional.

Question: 3

What is system restore?

Windows XP provides a System Restore feature. We can use System Restore to rollback the changes to an earlier point at which the system was working properly.

Question: 4

What is the difference between copying and moving files?

The difference between copying and moving files is that moving removes the files folders from the source location and places them in the destination location. Copying leaves the source files or folders untouched and makes a copy in the destination location.

Question: 5

How will you create a keyboard shortcuts?

We can create a keyboard shortcut for any program by using the properties dialog box of that application. Example

First click on

Start → All Programs → Accessories → Paint and right click on it then select properties.

The properties dialog box opens on the screen. Click the shortcut tab. In shortcut key text box type a letter of our choice, say P and click on Ok. Now to start paint, pres Ctrl + Alt + P together.

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