Windows Service Interview Questions & Answers for Experienced/Freshers - 1

Question: 1

Describe the start-up process for a Windows service?

Main () is executed to create an instance of a Web service, then Run() to launch it, then OnStart() from within the instance is executed.

Question: 2

What application do you use to install a Windows service?


Question: 3

What does SCM do?

SCM is Windows Service Control Manager. Its responsibilities are as follows:

Accepts requests to install and uninstall Windows services from the Windows service database.

To start Windows services either on system startup or requested by the user.

To enumerate installed Windows services.

To maintain status information for currently running Windows services.

To transmit control messages (such as Start, Stop, Pause, and Continue) to available Windows services.

To lock/unlock Windows service database.

Question: 4

How can you see which services are running on a Windows box?

Admin Tools -> Computer Management -> Services and Application -> Services.

You can also open the Computer Management tool by right-clicking on My Computer and selecting Manage from the popup menu.

Question: 5

What’s different about a Windows service as compared to a regular application?

Windows services must support the interface of the Service Control Manager (SCM).

A Windows service must be installed in the Windows service database before it can be launched.

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