Top 40+ WPF Interview Questions and Answers Pdf 2020-2021 - 1

Question: 1

What are the file formats supported by the Media Player server control in ASP.NET?

The Media Player server control supports the Windows Media Audio (WMA) and MP3 files for audio and the Windows Media Video (WMV) files for video.

Question: 2

Name the classes that allow you to perform transformation for typography and text?

The classes that pertain to transforming the text in WPF are

The Transform class

The TranslateTransform class

The RotateTransform class

The ScaleTransform class

The SkewTransform class

Question: 3

What is the difference between Simple controls and Content controls?

The Simple controls cannot hold any content or child control.

Some of the examples of simple controls are Textbox, password Box, and progress Bar.

The Content controls can contain only a piece of content or single child control.

The content property provides the content for these controls.

The examples of Content controls are Button, Label, Group Box, and User Control.

Question: 4

Mention the important classes in WPF that allow you to work with the 2-D graphics?

The WPF classes that pertain to 2-D graphics are

The System.Windows.Shapes.Shape class – provides the functionality to work with simple 2-D shapes, such as ellipse and rectangle

The System.Windows.Media.Geometry class – provides the functionality to work with geometric shapes and curves

The System.Windows.Media.Drawing class – provides the functionality to work with 2-D drawings

Question: 5

What are the new improvements introduced in WPF 4.0?

The following are the list of improvements that are introduced in WPF 4.0:

Visual State Manager – Refers to the class introduced with WPF 4.0 that enables the .NET developers to define the appearance of a control according to the state of control.

Addition of new controls – Refers to the introduction of new controls that include Data Grid, calendar, and Date Picker.

Touch input and their manipulation – refers to the support for touch input that WPF 4.0 elements provide. UIElement, UIElement 3D, and Content Element are classes, which consist of events that are raised when you touch an element on a touch screen.

New text rendering stack – Refers to the improvements made in rendering text, which include text clarity, configurability, and support for international languages.

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