1000+ IBPS Puzzles Questions and Answers - 1

Questions : 1

Ans: E

1 is added to 2 to make 3

4 is added to 5 to make 6

But similar symbols disappear.

Questions : 2

Ans: D

The large arc moves 180°, the next largest moves 90° anticlockwise and the smallest arc moves 90° clockwise.

Questions : 3

Ans: D

Black circles turn to white diamonds; white circles turn to black diamonds, and vice versa.

Questions : 4

Ans: D

Looking round the octagon there are three pairs which have black/white reversal.

Questions : 5

Ans: B

Ignore black symbols as they are not carried forward to the final circle. All white symbols are carried forward; however, circles change to squares and vice versa.

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