100+ Alphabet Puzzles Questions with Answers - 1

Questions : 1

Ans: F

Starting bottom right and moving in an anticlockwise spiral, letters skip 1 space, then 2 etc. returning to the letter A whenever Z is reached.

Questions : 2

Ans: L

Starting at the top of each triangle, letter ,move forward by three places going clockwise, ending in the centre.

Questions : 3

Ans: E

The numerical values of the letters in each column of 3 add up to 26.

Questions : 4

Ans: B 27

Starting top left, the letters progress through the alphabet, omitting 2 letters each time. The numbers represent the sum of the positions in the alphabet of the missing letters. When the end of the alphabet is reached return to A as if the letters were written in a circle.

Questions : 5

Ans: S

They are the 1st letters of the numbers 1-2-3-4-5-6.

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