Top 1000+ Puzzles Questions for IBPS PO, SO, Clerk Exams - 1

Questions : 1

Ans: E

Looking across and down, two white circles in the same position in the first two squares equals a black circle in the same position in the third square, and vice versa; but black and white in the same position equals a blank in the third square.

Questions : 2

Ans: D

The diamond next to the end always moves to the front and the diamond third from the front always moves to the end.

Questions : 3

Ans: B

Black dots are worth two points and white dots one point. The score progresses 8 - 9 - 10 - 11. B is thus valued at 12. A and C are 13 and D is 14.

Questions : 4

Ans: F

A and G are the same, as are C and E, and B and D.

Questions : 5

Ans: D

The rest are the same figure.

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