100+ Missing Letter Puzzles Questions with Answers - 1

Questions : 1


Start at A and miss one letter before the next line, then miss two letters then finally three letters i.e. AbCDefGHIjklMNOP.

Questions : 2

Ans: JLO

So that all connected lines contain the same letters. JKLMNOP.

Questions : 3

Ans: R

Starting in the top left segment of each circle, and moving clockwise, double the value of each letter and subtract 2 to give the value of the next letter around.

Questions : 4

Ans: O

The sequences occur looking across letters in the same position in each pentagon. Two move forward by missing 2 letters in the alphabet and three move by missing 2 back.

Questions : 5


The letters in the previous rectangle are reversed, and the letter third from last is discarded.

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