100+ Detecting Analogies Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Three words in bold letters are given in each questions, which have something in common among themselves. Out of the four given alternatives, choose the most appropriate description about these three words.
Petrol : Phosphorous : Cooking gas

(A) India has to import them.

(B) They can't be sold without permit.

(C) They are highly inflammable.

(D) They are fuels.

Ans: C

They are highly inflammable.

Question: 2

Kennedy : Indira : Palme

(A) They were very popular among children.

(B) They were Prime Ministers.

(C) They were Presidents.

(D) All of them were assassinated.

Ans: D

All of them were assassinated.

Question: 3

Chlorine : Fluorine : Iodine

(A) These are halogens.

(B) These are transition elements.

(C) These are gases at room temperature.

(D) These are names of inert gases.

Ans: A

These are halogens.

Question: 4

Delhi : Agra : Mathura

(A) They have been capitals of the country.

(B) They have exquisite temples.

(C) They are situated on the bank of river Yamuna.

(D) They have religious background.

Ans: C

They are situated on the bank of river Yamuna.

Question: 5

Magenta : Fawn : Turquoise

(A) They are colours.

(B) They are precious and semi precious stones.

(C) They are migratory birds.

(D) They are marine creatures.

Ans: A

They are colours.

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