Samacheer Kalvi Class 10 Periodic Classification of Elements - 1

Question: 1

Chemical formula of rust is _____

(A) FeO

(B) Fe2O3 × H2O

(C) FeO4 × H2O

(D) FeO × H2O

Ans: B

Fe2O3 × H2O

Question: 2

In the alumino thermic process, the role of Al is ____

(A) Reducing agent

(B) Oxidizing agent

(C) Hydrogenating agent

(D) Sulphurising agent

Ans: A

Reducing agent

Question: 3

The process of coating the surface of metal with a thin layer of zinc is called

(A) Electroplating

(B) Galvanization

(C) Thinning

(D) Painting

Ans: B


Question: 4

Which of the following have inert gases 2 electrons in the outermost shell?

(A) Ar

(B) Ne

(C) Kr

(D) He

Ans: D


Question: 5

Neon shows zero electron affinity due to

(A) Reduced size

(B) Increased density

(C) Stable arrangement of neutrons

(D) Stable configuration of electrons

Ans: D

Stable configuration of electrons

Question: 6

The number of periods and groups in the periodic table are

(A) 6, 16

(B) 7, 17

(C) 7, 18

(D) 8, 18

Ans: C

7, 18

Question: 7

____ is a relative periodic property.

(A) Atomic radii

(B) Electron affinity

(C) Electronegativity

(D) Ionic radii

Ans: C


Question: 8

_____ is an important metal to form amalgam.

(A) Hg

(B) Mg

(C) Ag

(D) Al

Ans: A


Question: 9

_____ group contains the members of halogen family.

(A) 15th

(B) 16th

(C) 17th

(D) 18th

Ans: C


Question: 10

The basis of modern periodic law is

(A) Number of neutrons

(B) Isotopic mass

(C) Atomic number

(D) Atomic mass

Ans: C

Atomic number