Samacheeer Kalvi 12th Computer Science Data Visualization Questions - 1

Question: 1

Which method is used to display the plot?

(A) show()

(B) print()

(C) disp()

(D) display()

Ans: A


Question: 2

Data visualization uses _____ graphics.

(A) 2D

(B) 3D

(C) Image

(D) Statistical

Ans: D


Question: 3

_____ plot displays the distribution of data based on the five-number summary.

(A) Box plot

(B) Chart plot

(C) Scatter plot

(D) Line plot

Ans: A

Box plot

Question: 4

Various types of visualizations are available in

(A) matplotlib

(B) library

(C) graphics

(D) stdlib

Ans: A


Question: 5

______ assign values to the labels specified in the bar chart.

(A) =

(B) usage

(C) label

(D) values

Ans: B


Question: 6

Which is a python package used for 2D graphics?

(A) matplotlib.plt

(B) matplotlib.numpy

(C) matplotlib.pip

(D) matplotlib.pyplot

Ans: D


Question: 7

Which key is used to run the module?

(A) F6

(B) F4

(C) F3

(D) F5

Ans: D


Question: 8

The position of a point in scatter plot is _____ value

(A) 1D

(B) 2D

(C) 3D

(D) U shaped

Ans: B


Question: 9

Read the statements given below. Identify the right option from the following for pie chart.
Statement A: To make a pie chart with Matplotlib, we can use the plt.pie( ) function.
Statement B: The autopct parameter allows us to display the percentage value using the Python string formatting.

(A) Statement A is correct

(B) Statement B is correct

(C) Both the statements are correct

(D) Both the statements are wrong

Ans: C

Both the statements are correct

Question: 10

Identify the package manager for Python packages, or modules.


(B) Matplotlib

(C) )

(D) python package

Ans: A