Samacheer Klalvi Class 7 Health and Hygiene Questions - 1

Question: 1

The first aid is to

(A) to relieve the pain

(B) to prevent the medical care

(C) to save money

(D) to save money

Ans: A

to relieve the pain

Question: 2

The tobacco chewing causes

(A) anamia

(B) tuberculosis

(C) periodontitis

(D) pneumonia

Ans: C


Question: 3

Sleep is not only good for body, but is is also good for

(A) environment

(B) mind

(C) enjoyment

(D) relaxation

Ans: B


Question: 4

Our living place should be

(A) clean

(B) closed

(C) open

(D) unclean /untidy

Ans: A


Question: 5

Ravi has sound mind and physically fit body. Which refers to

(A) wealth

(B) hygiene

(C) health

(D) cleanliness

Ans: C


Question: 6

Intake of _____ can help to prevent Anaemia.

(A) eggs

(B) whole egg

(C) oranges

(D) cod liver oil tablet

Ans: D

cod liver oil tablet

Question: 7

Anorexia means

(A) loss of appetite

(B) loss of hair

(C) excess sweating

(D) excess thirst

Ans: A

loss of appetite

Question: 8

_____ is a non communicable disease.

(A) Flu

(B) Small pox

(C) Varicella

(D) Rheumatism

Ans: D


Question: 9

High fever is a symptom of ______

(A) Hepatitis

(B) Scurvy

(C) Typhoid

(D) Rabies

Ans: C


Question: 10

Drinking boiled water can prevent _____

(A) Cholera

(B) Chicken pox

(C) Rabies

(D) Tuberculosis

Ans: A