Samacheer Kalvi 9th Science Periodic Classification of Elements Questions - 1

Question: 1

The alloy which is used to make aircrafts is

(A) Stainless steel

(B) Duralumin

(C) Magnalium

(D) Steel

Ans: B


Question: 2

Except first period, all other periods starts with _____ group and ends with ____ group.

(A) Alkali earth metals, rare gases

(B) Alkali metals, alkaloids

(C) Alkali metals, halogens

(D) Alkali metals, rare gases

Ans: D

Alkali metals, rare gases

Question: 3

Boron is a

(A) Alloy

(B) Metalloid

(C) Metal

(D) Non metal

Ans: B


Question: 4

Atomic number Z represents

(A) Number of electrons

(B) Number of protons

(C) Number of protons or electrons

(D) Number of protons and electron

Ans: C

Number of protons or electrons

Question: 5

If Dobereiner is related with law of triads, then Newlands is related with

(A) Law of octaves

(B) Modern Periodic law

(C) Pauli's Exclusion principle

(D) Hund's rule

Ans: A

Law of octaves

Question: 6

Solder is an alloy with the combination of

(A) Cu + Ni + Zn

(B) Cu + Zn

(C) Cu + Sn

(D) Pb + Sn

Ans: D

Pb + Sn

Question: 7

Larger area of periodic table is occupied with

(A) Metalloids

(B) Liquids

(C) Metals

(D) Non metals

Ans: C


Question: 8

'f' block elements are also called as

(A) Representative elements

(B) Inner transition elements

(C) Transition elements

(D) Normal elements

Ans: B

Inner transition elements

Question: 9

Periodic table is divided into 4 blocks based on the following condition

(A) Arrangement of electrons in sub shells

(B) Arrangement of electrons in the shells

(C) Maximum number of electrons in each cell

(D) Increasing energy level of sub shells

Ans: A

Arrangement of electrons in sub shells

Question: 10

Amalgam is

(A) Metal + Mercury

(B) Metal + Non metal

(C) Metal + Non metal + Mercury

(D) Non metal + Mercury

Ans: A

Metal + Mercury