Samacheer Kalvi Class 12th DBMS Questions for Class 12 - 1

Question: 1

Which is the MySQL instance responsible for data processing?

(A) MySQL Client


(C) MySQL Server

(D) Server Daemon Program

Ans: C

MySQL Server

Question: 2

Expand ODBMS.

(A) Objective Database Management System

(B) Object Oriented Database Management System

(C) Objective Database Management System

(D) Object Database Management System

Ans: D

Object Database Management System

Question: 3

Expand DBMS.

(A) Database Manipulation Schema

(B) Database Management System

(C) Data Manipulation Schema

(D) Database Management Schema

Ans: B

Database Management System

Question: 4

Expand RDBMS.

(A) Relational Database Manipulation System

(B) Relational Database Management System

(C) Record Database Managing Schema

(D) Relational Database Manipulation System

Ans: B

Relational Database Management System

Question: 5

IBM's first DBMS is





Ans: A


Question: 6

Which of the two databases models are similar?

(A) Relational, Object oreinted

(B) Network, Object oreinted

(C) Network, relational

(D) Hierarchical, Network

Ans: D

Hierarchical, Network

Question: 7

Each super key is called as _____ key.

(A) Candidate

(B) Constraint

(C) Schema

(D) Sub

Ans: A


Question: 8

_____ and ______ are the commercial relational database models.

(A) Oracle, IBME

(B) DB2, IDS


(D) Oracle, DB2


Oracle, DB2

Question: 9

What is the another name for Candidate Key?

(A) Minimal super key

(B) Maximal super key

(C) Super key

(D) Sub key

Ans: A

Minimal super key

Question: 10

The _____ diagram gives a logical structure of the database graphically?

(A) Database

(B) Architectural Representation

(C) Entity

(D) Entity Relationship

Ans: D

Entity Relationship