Samacheer Kalvi Physics Class 10 Laws of Motion Questions - 1

Question: 1

To project the rockets which of the following principle(s) is/are required?

(A) Newton's third law of motion

(B) Newton's law of gravitation

(C) Law of conservation of linear momentum

(D) Both a and c

Ans: D

Both a and c

Question: 2

If the Earth shrinks to 50% of its real radius its mass remaining the same, the weight of a body on the Earth will

(A) Decrease by 25%

(B) Decrease by 50%

(C) Increase by 50%

(D) Increase by 300%

Ans: D

Increase by 300%

Question: 3

The Mass of a body is measured on planet Earth as M kg. When it is taken to a planet of radius half that of the Earth then its value will be ____ kg.

(A) M

(B) 2 M

(C) 4 M

(D) M/4

Ans: A


Question: 4

One kilogram force equals to

(A) 980 dyne

(B) 98 × 104 dyne

(C) 9.8 dyne × 104 N

(D) 9.8 dyne

Ans: B

98 × 104 dyne

Question: 5

The unit of 'g' is ms-2. It can be also expressed as

(A) cm s-1

(B) N m2Kg-1

(C) N kg-1

(D) cm2 s-2

Ans: C

N kg-1

Question: 6

In which of the following sport the turning effect of force used?

(A) Cycling

(B) Hockey

(C) Tennis

(D) Swimming

Ans: A


Question: 7

Plotting of a graph for momentum on the Y-axis and time on X-axis. Slope of momentum time graph gives

(A) Acceleration

(B) Force

(C) Rate of force

(D) Impulsive force

Ans: B


Question: 8

Newton's III law is applicable

(A) For a body is at rest

(B) For a body in motion

(C) Both a and b

(D) Only for bodies with equal masses

Ans: C

Both a and b

Question: 9

Impulse is equals to

(A) Change of momentum

(B) Rate of change of mass

(C) Rate of force and time

(D) Rate of change of momentum

Ans: A

Change of momentum

Question: 10

Inertia of a body depends on

(A) Acceleration due to gravity of the planet

(B) Mass of the object

(C) Weight of the object

(D) Both a and b

Ans: B

Mass of the object