Idioms and Phrases Questions for SSC CGL Tier 1, Tier 2 Exam Pdf - 1

Question: 1

My hair stood off ends when I saw the horrible sight.

(A) stands on ends

(B) stood on ends

(C) stood to ends

(D) stood at ends

Ans: A

stood on ends

Question: 2

Later he became unpopular because he tried to lord it on his followers.

(A) to lord over

(B) to lord it for

(C) to lord it at

(D) to lord it over

Ans: D

to lord it over

Question: 3

For some days the new professor lectured above the heads of his pupils.

(A) over the head of

(B) through the heads of

(C) over the heads of

(D) on the heads of

Ans: C

over the heads of

Question: 4

The crops are drying, it must not had rained.

(A) must had not

(B) must not have been

(C) must not have

(D) must not be

Ans: C

must not have

Question: 5

The performance of our players was rather worst than I had expected.

(A) worse than I had expected

(B) worst than was expected

(C) worse than expectation

(D) bad as I had expected

Ans: A

worse than I had expected

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