1000+ Sentence Completion Questions for SSC CGL Tier1, Tier 2 Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Mr. John _____ a boat and _____ into the bay.

(A) borrowed, intruded

(B) boarded, went

(C) rented, swam

(D) hired, rowed

Ans: D

hired, rowed

Question: 2

They wanted to _____ all these books, but they could not find _____ time to do so.

(A) read, sufficient

(B) dispose, some

(C) peruse, necessary

(D) cover, almost

Ans: A

read, sufficient

Question: 3

The factory workers _____ threatened to launch an indefinite strike from next month to _____ their demands.

(A) have, press

(B) were, meet

(C) did, get

(D) nearly, fulfill

Ans: A

have, press

Question: 4

Children are more _____ than adults, it is _____ their quickness in learning a new language.

(A) adaptable, reflected in

(B) intelligent, disproved by

(C) resourceful, proportionate to

(D) susceptible, demonstrated in

Ans: A

adaptable, reflected in

Question: 5

Success in great ventures calls for _____ concentration and strong personal _____

(A) hectic, interest

(B) standing, participation

(C) continued, apathy

(D) unflagging, involvement

Ans: D

unflagging, involvement

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