1000+ Sentence Improvement Questions for SSC CGL Tier 1, Tier 2 Pdf - 1

Question: 1

It was hard to believe that he was dead for two years.

(A) had been dead

(B) has been dead

(C) is dead

(D) No improvement

Ans: A

had been dead

Question: 2

Do take an umbrella with you lest you do not get wet.

(A) lest you should not get wet

(B) lest you should get wet

(C) lest you might not get wet

(D) No improvement

Ans: B

lest you should get wet

Question: 3

He is not used to walk long distance.

(A) to have been walking

(B) to walking

(C) to have walked

(D) No improvement

Ans: B

to walking

Question: 4

If you had attended the meeting, you would have benefited a great deal.

(A) benefited

(B) would benefit

(C) could benefit

(D) No improvement

Ans: D

No improvement

Question: 5

Would you mind help me with these questions?

(A) helping

(B) to help

(C) of helping

(D) No improvement

Ans: A


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